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Online Iridology consults can be just as effective as a face to face consultation.  To begin the process, simply email your name & telephone number, along with a detailed image of your right and left eyes (similar to the image below) to:  [email protected]

We will get back in touch with you for more information to complete the online consultation.

$80 Iridology Consultation

Forms to Review & Complete:

Intake Form (PDF)Disclaimer of Liability (PDF) Intake Form (PDF)

Photo Tips:

Taking photos of your eyes is the first step in an Online Iridology appointment. It is best if you take three photos of each eye and make sure to label if it is the right or left eye. Once your iris photos are approved, someone will call you to schedule the appointment.

  • Use indoor daylight
  • Stand sideways from any window (facing the window will cause glare)
  • You can put the camera on a counter or have someone else hold the camera
  • Hold the upper and lower eyelids open to make the entire iris (the color part of the eye) visible